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After a bloody kidnapping, five members of the Irish Republican Army take shelter in a safe-house along with their captive.  As they wait for their shadowy handler to contact them, their external battles and internal struggles turn deadly.  In this full-length drama, set in the inferno of the Northern Irish Troubles and 1970’s Belfast, violence and an ugly realism accent a tale designed to examine man’s self-destructive tendencies when the nature of God is viewed as completely arbitrary.  Be it each character’s personal demons or the circumstances of the time and place in which they exist, the effects of hopelessness on the human psyche are explored in unapologetically brutal fashion in this two act drama, the first from 17 year old playwright Chris Rodenbaugh.  Not Suitable for Audiences Under 15 Years of Age.




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Chris Rodenbaugh's The Wraith

July 29 - August 2, 2015


Jeff Swearingen's A School Bus Named Desire


August 14 - 22, 2015


Woody Allen's God


October 2 - 10, 2015



Special Citation 2015-John Garcia’s The Column Awards

Best New Play of 2014: "Stiff" - DFW Critic's Forum
Dallas Observer 2014 Best Director: Jeff Swearingen 

2013 Mastermind Award - 
The Dallas Observer

Best Theatre Company 2013 -
The Dallas Observer

Best Play of 2013 - DFW Critic's Forum

Best Director of 2013 - DFW Critic's Forum

Special Citation 2013 - DFW Critics's Forum

Steve Lovett Outstanding New Work by a Local Playwright- Column Awards 2014

Best Children's Theatre 2012 -
The Dallas Observer


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Actor's Exploration Series

The Actor’s Exploration Series is aimed at challenging our young actors while pushing the boundaries of what audiences expect to see from “children’s theater”. Going beyond the traditional models of youth productions, our Actor’s Exploration Series centers on giving young actors the opportunity to explore complex material and for audiences to be exposed to playwrights, dramatic formats and subject matter not thought of as children’s fare. It is an unparalleled educational opportunity for the next generation of actors and an entertainment option for the theatrically savvy as well as those just being introduced to the art of theatre.


Next up in the series, Sam Shepherd's True West