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The Friction of Fiction: Human Nature from Script to Screen

As part of our Actor’s Exploration Series, we bring Sam Shepard’s True West and David Mamet’s Speed-the-Plow to the stage in a repertory run May 28th - June 6th. Set against the backdrop of the script to screen process, these dark comedies not only provide a scathing look at the business of film making but more universally explore human nature and its reaction to the stimuli of fame and fortune. Both productions are suggested for audiences ages 16 and up due to language and adult situations.

Sam Shepard’s True West

Fun House’s real life brothers, Josh and Jeremy LeBlanc, portray Sam Shepard’s Lee and Austin, brothers who find themselves together as adults in their mother’s home, surrounded by the trinkets and memories of their past and moving towards a future that, contrary to the plans of buttoned up Austin, includes both of them. When drifter, Lee, intercepts screenwriter Austin’s associate, movie producer Saul ( Jaxon Beeson), sibling rivalry ignites and the seemingly set sense of self each brother has is set in flux, highlighting that life, much like a worthwhile film, is hard to script.

David Mamet’s Speed-the-Plow

Anchors of Fun House’s Actor’s Exploration Series, after appearances in its prior productions of Edward Albee’s The Zoo Story and Neil LaBute’s The Shape of Things, Chris Rodenbaugh and Doak Campbell Rapp are Mamet’s Charlie Fox and Bobby Gould, a symbiotically parasitic pair of Hollywood movers and shakers. Triangulating matters, Karen (Taylor Donnelson), a temporary assistant to Gould throws off the delicate balance of the opportunistic equilibrium shared by he and Fox and as the trio careens into conflict the ugly truth about the nature of art versus entertainment and man versus the machine that is the movie business is exposed.





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A Fun House Theater Film production of a new full length play written by Fun House actor and 17 year old playwright, Chris Rodenbaugh, The Wraith, hits the stage July 30th –August 2nd.


Workshops and Classes


Fun House Theatre and Film launches a 3 part workshop series aimed at helping young actors successfully transition from stage acting to film acting, taught by Jeff Swearingen.  These workshops will take those with stage acting training through the common pitfalls of transferring to film acting and cover the differences needed in technique for film, specific styles of film acting, terminology, process and tips for successful audition taping. Workshop 1: Making the Transition is  May 9th for 1:30-4:30.  

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Taught by Jeff Swearingen, improv skills aren’t just a must for any successful actor but are useful to create strong performers in any discipline. This 5 week course introduces students to the basics of improvisation and get them up and improvising, thinking on their feet and doing so at performance level.


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Actors Exploration Series; Sam Shepard’s True West and David Mamet's Speed-the-Plow

May 28 - June 6, 2015


Chris Rodenbaugh's The Wraith

July 30 - August 2, 2015



Special Citation 2015-John Garcia’s The Column Awards

Best New Play of 2014: "Stiff" - DFW Critic's Forum
Dallas Observer 2014 Best Director: Jeff Swearingen 

2013 Mastermind Award - 
The Dallas Observer

Best Theatre Company 2013 -
The Dallas Observer

Best Play of 2013 - DFW Critic's Forum

Best Director of 2013 - DFW Critic's Forum

Special Citation 2013 - DFW Critics's Forum

Steve Lovett Outstanding New Work by a Local Playwright- Column Awards 2014

Best Children's Theatre 2012 -
The Dallas Observer


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Actor's Exploration Series

The Actor’s Exploration Series is aimed at challenging our young actors while pushing the boundaries of what audiences expect to see from “children’s theater”. Going beyond the traditional models of youth productions, our Actor’s Exploration Series centers on giving young actors the opportunity to explore complex material and for audiences to be exposed to playwrights, dramatic formats and subject matter not thought of as children’s fare. It is an unparalleled educational opportunity for the next generation of actors and an entertainment option for the theatrically savvy as well as those just being introduced to the art of theatre.


Next up in the series, Sam Shepherd's True West